Why join us

ISDSP is one of the first organizations worldwide to incorporate all disciplines interested in promoting the correct use of dietary supplements and phytotherapy in the diet, health, and medicine.

ISDSP offers to affiliates a unique networking opportunity, especially thanks to the organization of several activities and events, including:

a) the International Congress, which is held once a year in n different geographic regions of the world;
b) educational courses on subjects related to dietary supplements and phytotherapy supported by Regional Contacts
c) the creation of study groups on topics of particular interest;
d) the promotion and dissemination of knowledge and information in scientific publications, and by newsletters.

Any individual professional who supports the goals and purposes of the Society may become a full member of the Society by submitting a request. Members will have the chance to take part of all ISDSP’s activities, be updated about ISDSP’s events through our newsletter, and receive for free the scientific magazine Phitogynecea.