Mission Statement

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary from its foundation, the Sifiog (Società Italiana di Fitoterapia ed Integratori in Ostetricia e Ginecologia) becomes a new, international Association that looks beyond the regional boarders. Founded in Rome, the International Society of Dietary Supplements and Phytotherapy (ISDSP) aims at bringing groups and individuals together within an international, multi-professional organization to promote – on a non-profit basis – the science of the use of dietary supplements and herb remedies in diet, health, and medicine for everyone’s benefit.

Among the ISDSP’s main goals and activities there are:

• promoting and disseminating the study, research and knowledge on all aspects of utilization of dietary supplements and phytotherapy in human diet and medicine, in order to attain, by all appropriate means, a higher level of health benefits;

• proposing guidelines and standardizing criteria for preparation and use of dietary supplements and phytotherapy for the benefit of health;

• fostering collaboration between the various disciplines interested in the use of dietary supplements and phytotherapy in medicine and individual health;

• organizing national and international educational courses on subjects of research and practice in the field;

• creating and supporting study groups on topics of particular interest;

• promoting and facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and information especially by scientific publications, and by newsletters and a dedicated website;

• appointing working parties to co-ordinate multicentre clinical trials;

• promoting internationally agreed on definitions, terminologies, and methodologies;

• representing the interests of its membership in international public and private organizations whose aims are consistent with the purposes of the Society.